Dealing with gifts accepted

Gifts accepted in accordance with the University Gifts & Hospitality Policy should be dealt with in a practical manner that accords with the following standards.

  • Symbolic or ceremonial gifts, for example marking a new venture or the anniversary of a joint venture between institutions, should be retained by the department and displayed or stored accordingly.
  • Gifts of food, beverages or other consumables should be handled depending upon the quantity and nature of the gift – departments may consider distributing such items freely amongst staff, or otherwise disposing of them for charitable purposes; whilst it is impractical to insist upon rigid rules for low value, small items, the general principle should be that individuals should not benefit unduly from gifts received purely by virtue of their position.
  • Gifts of equipment or substantial items should always be treated as gifts to the department and used, displayed or stored by the department accordingly.
  • Gifts of clothing or personal items must be treated with caution since there is a raised risk of it being construed as something that brings official duties and personal interests into conflict – whilst it would normally be allowable for an individual to accept and keep small items of relatively low value (such as scarves, ties, mugs, books, etc.), substantial or high value items (including jewellery) should always be treated as gifts to the department and treated in the same manner as symbolic or ceremonial items.

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