Retention schedules

Data retention refers to the length of time data will be actively retained by the University before it is destroyed, archived or anonymised.  

The University’s data retention schedules set out the period of time that categories of data held by the University will normally be kept. Presenting retention periods in a schedule format and on the basis of applicable legal or regulatory requirements, recognised good practice or internal policy, provides a systematic, accountable and transparent approach to data management and compliance.  

Importantly, in terms of the personal data we hold, our data retention schedules support the University to monitor and maintain compliance with the storage limitation principle under the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR). The storage limitation principle states that we must not keep data longer than necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

Below are links to further information about the retention of certain types of data:

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The ‘Guidelines on the retention of student data and records’ provides sets out retention periods relating to student records and student administration data.  It is relevant to those responsible for managing student records and student administration data. 

View the policy document here:

The ‘Retention periods for University personnel records’ sets out the records retention periods relating to personnel data that departments and divisions are asked by Personnel Services to follow.  

For further information visit the University's Personnel website

The ‘Retention of financial documents: Guidance for departments’ sets out the data retention requirements for financial documents. And it has the same status as the Financial Regulations.

View the guidance document here: