Key contacts for advice and support

The University views Prevent as a strand of its welfare responsibilities.

The collegiate University has an extensive and long established system of welfare support for students and staff. Further information on student welfare and wellbeing, related policies and available support can be found on the Oxford Students website. Every college has a welfare team, which provides support to students including signposting to specialist services when necessary. Here are links to the welfare sections of college websites.

For members of staff, most departments have arrangements for dealing with welfare matters, and advice and help should always be sought in the first instance within your own department.

If you/your department/faculty would like specialist University advice and support in relation to the welfare of a student or member of staff in the context of the Prevent duty, please contact Gillian or Julian (as below), in confidence, on an anonymised basis.

  Contact name Email address Phone number
If you have concerns about the welfare of a University student in the context of the Prevent duty Director of Student Welfare and Support Services  01865 280444 (direct line) or 01865 280459 
If you have concerns about the welfare of a University staff member in the context of the Prevent duty Dr Markos Koumaditis, Director of Human Resources  01865 270152 

Any referrals or requests for information, advice or assistance outside the University in relation to Prevent may only be made by the Director of Student Welfare and Support Services (in relation to students) or the HR Director (in relation to staff) and only with the explicit approval of the Registrar.

Other concerns

If you have concerns about University examinations or teaching, staff or student conduct, research integrity or services, the Complaints and Appeals website provides guidance on who would be the best person to approach.

Here is a link to sources of harassment advice (internal and external) for staff and students.

Please see the Further information page for links to related policies and processes.